The Meludia Melody app is a fun and progressive mobile app for iPhones and Android devices that is made for professional musicians, as well as for total beginners. The Meludia Melody app offers a complete training program that will allow you to learn how to replay any melody in all music styles.
The main menu of the Meludia Melody mobile app is composed of four modules: Discovery, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert


From Discovery…
In the Discovery module of the Meludia Melody app, you start by replaying easy melodies composed of only two notes. Within each exercise the tempo and number of notes will steadily increase, up to 12-note melodies. You can also select your instrument: piano, guitar, etc. Mastering the Discovery module of the Meludia Melody app will give you confidence and the necessary skills to progress to the more complex modules: Intermediate, Advanced and Expert.
…To Expert
By completing the exercises, you will unlock more and more notes and melodies of ever-increasing complexity. This process will reinforce your melodic skills tremendously! Through the 700 exercises of the Meludia Melody app, you will cover all melodic intervals, all chords and all scales, up to the 12 notes of the chromatic scale. 
"Meludia represents the future of learning."
Joseph Calleja
Tenor - Opera Singer
"Meludia has a huge impact on how humans perceive
and learn music."
Michael Cuthbert
Professor, MIT, Boston
"Meludia taps into our instincts. There can’t be a straighter route to developing one’s musicianship."
Nicola Benedetti
Concert Violinist
Two distinct music apps, on web and on mobile.
Use them together to achieve striking results in just 2 weeks!
15 min per day
4 days per week
Results in 2 weeks

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In any activity, we can reach our limit of being able to concentrate and focus whereupon we “turn off and tune out". The highly stimulating and playful side of Meludia allows us to develop our ability to concentrate, as well as our ability to process more complex information over a longer period of time. With Meludia you will develop your level of concentration in ways that you can not yet imagine!
Developing your musical memory with Meludia means that you can memorize longer and more complex pieces of music. You can memorize them faster, and they will be better retained and recalled. The development of our memory depends on deepening our ability to perceive, feel, and understand a sequence in multiple facets. The Meludia music tool helps you develop and heighten this sensory and emotional perception through multi-dimensional focus and training.
What makes a person a musician is their ability to process complex musical information in real time and be able to respond to it instantly. By working on and honing the fundamental elements of music, Meludia stimulates and accelerates multiple mental processes involved in the cognition of music, in all dimensions of music. Meludia recalibrates the speed at which you are able to recognize and react to these different dimensions of music.
There are a multitude of music instruments, music cultures, and music styles. Yet all music is united by universal and primordial forms. Meludia helps you to work on these fundamental forms, to recognize them, to integrate them, and to reproduce them. These skills will give you the ability to universally grasp and understand all music, no matter what style or what culture!
Music explores a much more extensive sensory palette than that of spoken language, since it allows us to explore a wider space, ranging from low to high. In addition, music is the only language with which everyone can speak at the same time. Meludia allows you to develop a perception adapted to the musical world, with more sensitivity to this musical space, as well as the ability to capture several voices at the same time.
When we put sounds together it creates emotional colors and a hierarchy between these sounds. This phenomenon is universal and we have the ability to perceive these emotionally charged colors and to recognize the tonal hierarchy between the sounds. Meludia exercises progressively awaken your cognitive abilities to decipher these harmonic phenomena.

The Worldwide Meludia Community

The worldwide Meludia community is made up of people in 168 countries who share a deep passion and understanding for music education, its important role in our lives and for our societies.