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4 solutions for making your music known

The 14th of October Meludia was attending the Mama Event in Paris, the yearly convention of the music industry. This was the opportunity for discovering the hottest trends and tools specially dedicated for musicians. We have selected 4 innovative start-ups that help musicians collaborate, distribute and sell their music all around.  1. Jamshake You just […]

Autistic musicians

Music provokes emotions that everyone can feel. Discover the accounts of Percujam’s autistic musicians. What is autism? It is a developmental disorder. People with autism often find it extremely difficult to socialise and communicate. There is no set list of symptoms as autism affects each autistic individual in different ways. You have probably heard of “autistic […]
Les 3 bienfaits de la musique pour le cerveau - Meludia

Music and brain development

Contrary to popular belief, the brain is not something fixed that deteriorates with age. It keeps changing throughout our life! This is called brain plasticity. Over your lifetime, your neurones interconnect according to your environment, your experiences and what you learn. Each thing you do can change your brain.  The musical brain “Anatomists today would be […]

Depuis combien de temps la musique existe-t-elle ?

Quel âge a la musique ? Quand a-t-elle été créée et depuis combien de temps l’Homme en joue-t-il ? C’est un des sujets d’étude de l’ethnomusicologie et de paléomusicologie (et oui, ça existe !). Les preuves qui établissent une pratique de la musique manquent. Les premiers enregistrements ne datent que de la seconde moitié du XIXe siècle. […]