What is Meludia?

Meludia is a web application that helps you develop your listening skills through fun ear training exercises. It is based on 25 years of educational expertise and is used in 168 countries.

Meludia includes 625 ear training exercises to develop listening skills, from beginner to expert level. The method used in Meludia teaches you to listen, identify and understand what you hear in 5 dimensions: melody, forms, rhythm, spatialization and harmony.

As a complement to the web application, we have created the mobile app Meludia Melody. This app focuses on the melodic dimension and helps you develop concentration, memory, reaction time and melody recognition with a tempo that increases with each exercise. Meludia Melody offers the possibility to train offline on 700 different ear training exercises. 

Meludia Melody does not replace the Meludia web application, which remains the pedagogical reference tool.