National deployment in Malta

Maltese government and french Start-up Meludia to sign an official national educative partnership

Paris, April 11th, 2016
The Republic of Malta has entered into a unique partnership with the French web-based music learning platform, Meludia. Starting May 2nd, 2016, access to the Meludia web application will be made available free of charge to every resident and visitor to this Mediterranean island nation of 425,000 inhabitants, offering music literacy to the entire population for an initial period of three years.
The world-renowned Maltese tenor Joseph Calleja, upon discovering Meludia, immediately recognized its strong pedagogic qualities, as well as its novel, cutting-edge approach to developing music perception, auditory skills, and an acquisition of the fundamentals of music. He saw in Meludia the ideal tool to bring music literacy to every resident in his homeland and brought this project to the attention of Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, who agreed to a nationwide deployment.

“Meludia is intuitively interactive and fun, and it will bring musical education to a new level. I am thrilled that it will be available to anyone in Malta that wants to boost his musical education or start from scratch…”
Joseph Calleja
Meludia ambassador and maltese concertist
In connection with the launch in May, a Meludia team will spend two weeks visiting all regions of Malta, introducing the platform in public schools, private schools, music schools, the university, community centers, retirement homes, hospitals, and prisons. This tour aims to raise public awareness about the importance of music literacy, introducing the Meludia platform and its more than 600 exercises to as many Maltese residents as possible, irrespective of their social status or musical background. On May 3rd, Meludia will be introduced to detainees within the Maltese prison system, following an agreement with the director of the Corradino Correctional Facility. On May 4th, Meludia will be presented to nursing staff and patients in the pediatric oncology unit at the Sir Anthony Mamo Hospital.
“We are extremely grateful to Joseph Calleja for having the vision and determination to bring this project to fruition. This unprecedented initiative by a major artist will raise global awareness of the importance of offering music education to all.”
Bastien Sennac
Meludia CEO and Founder