How to use the Meludia web application

The Meludia web application consists of 4 difficulty modules (Discovery, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert). Each module is composed of 8 stars, each star has 5 branches, and each branch has 5 exercises. In total, there are 625 ear training exercises in Meludia.
For each exercise, the number of attempts to find the right answer is limited. The faster and more accurate your answer, the more points you will earn. 

The percentage displayed below the modules is your completion rate. To reach 100% in every module, you must obtain three points in each exercise.

When you complete an exercise successfully, you earn experience points, also called XP. These XP allow you to gain levels. Completing the last exercise of each branch gives you more XP, as does completing all exercises with 3 points, which usually means you have mastered the exercise.

The more exercises you complete with 3 points, the more XP you earn. The more XP you earn, the higher your level. Note that the maximum level is 100.

The levels are a progress symbol in the app, which gives you an idea of how far you have to go!