What are the benefits of Meludia?

Meludia teaches you how to listen, identify and understand what you hear.

It is designed for several types of people:

- Children, to introduce them to music and listening

- Musicians, to facilitate the acquisition of musical language

- The hearing impaired, to accelerate and improve their adaptation to hearing aids or cochlear implants

- Older Adults, to stimulate different parts of the brain

Thanks to Meludia, you'll develop your listening skills and benefit from many new skills such as:

- Perceiving sounds, such as being able to differentiate between low and high pitches

- Identifying each note when several notes are played at the same time

- Recognizing musical intervals

- Improving rhythmic and vocal skills

- Building a solid "inner ear"

- Developing memory, concentration, pattern recognition and reaction time

The Meludia method encourages curiosity, creativity and the desire to learn through playing, without imposing too many instructions. It complements other methods, such as instrumental practice, which trains not only the brain, but also all the muscles needed to play an instrument.