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Meludia wouldn’t be Meludia without the support of thousands of music educators. Whether they use the platform in famous schools, like The Curtis Music Institute of Music, or in local studios, they are all committed to improving music education, spreading music literacy and sharing the passion for music. Here is what music educators say about Meludia, based on our 2016 Music Educators survey:


100% agree Meludia is a very good or good experience

Would you describe your experience with Meludia?

Very good 43%

Good 57%

“Finally, a magnificent and innovative program that is designed to develop the ear and to better help understand the language of music that is enjoyed throughout the universe. I always tell my students that the ear is vital and it is incredible that Meludia has found a way to let people who range from very young to seasoned professionals let their ears evolve and flourish. For my own children, it is fun for them and at the same time they are developing and benefiting from each and every Meludia exercise they do. This is much better and far superior to any video game and it is wonderful to know that at the end of the day they have gained from it.” – Daniel Matsukawa Principal Bassoon of The Philadelphia Orchestra and on the faculty of The Curtis Institute of Music, United States of America

„Meludia is the music teacher’s best friend!! The exercises develop so naturally that even the little ones can do them, and yet they also go far enough to challenge seasoned musicians. I don’t know HOW I functioned before Meludia!“ – Melissa Greyvenstein, MG Music School, South Africa

„I have been working through the levels with my students to become familiar with Meludia. I think the overall vision and execution is excellent.“ – Anonymous educator in the Meludia survey*

„The program is wonderful and tests areas that I would not have thought possible.“ – Anonymous educator in the Meludia survey


70% praise the quality of the method in addition to the exercises and sound quality.

The reasons for your positive experience with Meludia?

Speed 29%

Quality of the method 71%

Quality of the exercises 57%

Quality of sound 43%

Graphic quality 29%

Pedagogy 43%

“The exercises are very carefully graded and develop so naturally, that anyone can do them, whether very young or already at professional level.” – anonymous educator in the Meludia survey


100% of teachers have seen a benefit in using Meludia. 

Did you see a benefit in using Meludia with your students?

Yes 100%

„YES YES YES!!!! Things which I take for granted are not always understood by students today. Meludia makes them explore and learn! It helps so much. They relate what they do in Meludia to their lessons and they are all eager to do Meludia!“ – Anonymous educator in the Meludia survey


Students‘ musicianship, listening skills, and creativity improved.

What measurable results did you observe?

Improved auditive skills 57%

Improved transcription 29%

Better motivation 14%

More enjoyment 29%

Better creativity 43%

Improved musicianship 71%

„I think as a violinist though I’m always playing single lines and I have to develop my vertical hearing as much as possible through exercise, through imagining things on the piano or playing the piano. So those exercises that really force your mind to hear everything at once, I think they’ve been most beneficial for me.“ – Nicola Benedetti, violinist and Meludia member, United Kingdom

„I used to hear the notes after each other. I was thinking melodically. Now I hear the chords. I’m thinking vertically.“ – Linus Roth, violinist, educator and Meludia member, Germany

„Being able to study on your own, at your own pace, without somebody pushing you, without having colleagues you compare yourself with, is one of the great advantages.“ – Leonard Elschenbroich, cellist and Meludia member, Germany


Most of them find the teacher’s interface useful

Teacher’s interface. Did you find it:

Very helpfull 57%

A bit helpfull 43%

„They like the interface and they took to the new terminology well.“ – Anonymous educator in the Meludia survey

„Those who are not able to subscribe to Meludia due to lack of equipment come early for their lessons every week just so they can play Meludia!! And many parents are getting things ready so that their children can subscribe in the future.“ – Anonymous educator in the Meludia survey.


Meludia is educational, fun and innovative.

If you were to qualify Meludia, what would you say?

Fun 57%

Educational 86%

Addictive 29%

Innovative 86%


„This is a great program to use as students take their board exams.“ – Anonymous educator in the Meludia survey

„ESSENTIAL!!!“ – Anonymous educator in the Meludia survey

„Great work, fantastic tool to open the ears.“ – Anonymous educator in the Meludia survey

„Meludia is a visually beautiful and stimulating way to develop musicianship away from one’s instrument. Many of the exercises are not typically found in other ear training resources. For example, rather than focus immediately on identifying intervals, Meludia challenges us to judge such abstract comparisons as stability/instability and “spatialization”. I especially like how Meludia enhances learning with directions that are sometimes deliberately mysterious. When the initial uncertainty of a new exercise reveals itself through repetition, the user experiences a satisfying “aha” moment. Having discovered the „secret“ to a particular challenge, it suddenly becomes easier. This kind of deep listening is very important to me both pedagogically as an improvisation teacher and personally as a creative musician. Brilliant.“ – Bradley Sowash, composer and educator, United States of America

„I also love the beauty of it and the ease and how a naturally it taps into your instincts. The fact that everything is very reactive. It never feels entirely theoretical. And you’re using your ears! There can’t be a straighter route to developing your musicianship than really through your intuition and your hearing.“ – Nicola Benedetti, violinist and Meludia member, United Kingdom

„The broader implications for what you have built and what you stand for are kind of endless. They have a societal revolutionary aspect. It is as much a right to understand music as a language as it is to learn the language you learn as a child.“ – Thomas Hamspon, baritone, masterclass host, United States of America

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*Meludia Survey from 03/2016