Qobuz, the online music service dedicated to quality

Qobuz : le plateforme de streaming des audiophiles

Internet has completely changed the face of music distribution. This change has been positive in that it’s easier than ever to access music. However, this newfound accessibility came by sacrificing audio quality and artist remuneration. Just like Meludia, Qobuz has decided to raise audio expectations to the higher quality standards of Lossless format (CD quality) and the 24-Bit (High-Res).  For your ears only …

Discover Qobuz, the streaming and downloading platform for demanding music lovers and enjoy the 30-day trial of CD-quality streaming with the code MELUDIA.

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Qobuz was founded by music business professionals who didn’t feel like compromising the artistic and technical quality of the recordings by adopting the MP3 format. Instead, they decided to act as a virtual record store , totally dedicated to demanding customers in terms of sound quality and exclusive content. An online music service conceived for and by music lovers, unique by the richness of the content on its website as well as the quality of its multidimensional offer. Qobuz has become the leader of the Hi-Res offer, at a time nobody believed in it.

Apart from optimal sound quality, Qobuz displays an expertise in its recommendations (the        «Qobuzism » award, for example), various playlists for all styles of music, artist portraits, album contents, inteviews and videos, Hi-Fi news magazine with bench tests, blogs …

The entire catalogue of over 30 million titles is available for streaming and downloading in CD quality. 50 000 albums can be streamed and downloaded in Hi-Res quality for the price of the MP3 format with the Qobuz Sublime subscription.

Qobuz in 7 points

1. Music subscriptions in great sound quality starting from €9.99 per month including unlimited streaming and playlist synchronisation.

2. The possibility of purchasing by track (without DRM) in ‘True CD Quality’ (16-Bit / 44.1kHz) among the entire catalogue of 30 million titles.

3. The possibility of purchasing by track (without DRM) in ‘Hi-Res’ quality (24-Bit up to 192 kHz) from amongst 50,000 albums.

4. Mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

5. Enriched presentations of artists and albums

6. A huge number of album booklets available for mobiles and tablets

7. Exclusiv editorial content (Hi-Fi material bench tests, artists video interviews etc…)


Qobuz was founded in 2008 with the idea of offering a quality alternative to an all-MP3 online music market and the will to respect the work of all contributors and artists by remunerating them fairly. Qobuz wanted to fill an important gap in the market offering. We wanted to make sure that online music streaming didn’t automatically translate to impaired listening and sound distortion due to compression. We felt, like most audiophiles, that music deserved far better treatment. On top of that, we strive to improve the content quality of our album, artist and label pages (featuring descriptions: biographies, chronicles, tracks, additional metadata…).

Our fans love culture in general, especially anything related to music and sound quality. As such, they want advice and discovery tools that go way beyond the service of mainstream platforms often overexposed to the major labels’ commercial policies. They appreciate when we find rarities, unveil forgotten repertories, or ignored back catalogues. Our clients are also very well equipped in terms of Hi-Fi material, which explains the importance placed on sound quality. Audiophiles, they follow our Hi-Fi tests very closely, taking in a maximum of technical advice from our experts. In many cases, they play an instrument.

Moving forward, we want to focus on our customer relation service in order to improve our clients’ ease of use, and to better meet their needs. We are implementing many technical changes in the coming months – including the launch of a new generation of apps (we are completely reshaping our Desktop and Web Players), improved integration with high-quality audio brands and manufacturers and, indeed, new partnerships. In the long term, we also aim to open up in new markets (Qobuz is currently available in 9 territories: France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Austria).