3 Reasons Why Meludia Transforms My Music Teaching (Without Affecting My Budget)

It’s back to school time! – Find out why thousands of educators are using Meludia to transform music learning for their students, at zero cost to teachers or schools.

1. Meludia makes students passionate about your music classes

Meludia is an innovative and progressive online platform that allows users to master all elements of music, with more than 600 interactive listening exercises. It is a fun and dynamic tool that will bring more passion and interest to music learning by helping students to understand the importance of the ear in music and by facilitating a deeper emotional connection to sound. Like any language, music must be practiced regularly in order to make progress. Meludia ensures that students maintain that progress between classes.

“One of the greatest things about Meludia is the ease and beauty of it and how naturally it taps into your instincts. There can’t be a straighter route to develop your musicianship. For teachers to
be given on a silver platter, a tool that is so all-encompassing, functional, fun, interactive… it is an
absolute gift. I could see every teacher being endlessly grateful for this tool.”
Nicola Benedetti, Concert Violinist

2. Meludia allows you to give more to your pupils

Meludia workshop at the National Music Teacher Association, Nevada, USA

Our studies and feedback from teachers have shown that Meludia has amazing benefits for your teaching, whatever the method or curriculum that you are using. Below, you will find the fantastic benefits that our educators have reported about Meludia:

  • Makes music learning fun and motivating
  • Helps students to overcome problems with solfege
  • Makes instrumental practice easier
  • Works across all levels and all styles
  • Develops self-confidence, autonomy, and memory skills
  • Encourages development of remarkable listening skills from beginner to expert
  • Accelerates learning of music theory, sight-reading and transcription skills
  • Develops composition and improvisational skills

„Meludia is the music teacher’s best friend!! The exercises develop so naturally that even the little ones can do them, and yet they also go far enough to challenge seasoned musicians. I don’t know HOW I functioned before Meludia!“
Melissa Greyvenstein, MG Music School South Africa

3. Meludia ensures long-term engagement and motivation

85% of students quit their musical studies before the age of 15. As music educators, we know that commitment from students is the number one priority for you, the teacher. Meludia will instill commitment and a passion for music in pupils, as well as deepening their understanding of sound, helping them to progress, and giving them pride in their accomplishments.

It has now been 4 years since Meludia was founded and during this time we have traveled the world, visiting schools and getting feedback from teachers and pupils.

We have tested lots of different ways of deploying Meludia in schools – during individual sessions, collective sessions, or while practicing at home. We learned that students often abandon music early, and this is due to a lack of understanding, fun, and enjoyment. If students rarely do their practice at home, it’s because of a lack of motivation, self-confidence, and autonomy! In all of these areas, Meludia allows the student to be responsible for their own progression. This is why we are no longer recommending that schools or music teachers buy Meludia in group packages for their students, but rather that they recommend the platform to their students so that they subscribe themselves. At the same time, we supply each teacher and school, that requires it, with discount codes of 20% to give to their students. (Ask for a discount code).

Meludia also knows that education and arts programs have been suffering from budget cuts and we believe this is the most affordable way for schools to implement a transformative music learning program. This is also an affordable solution for pupils as our offers start at $3.95 a month.

„Meludia impresses me on so many levels at the same time. What has been built with Meludia is non confrontational, private, progressive, personal, it is very contemporary and it allows anyone to understand music as a language. It is quite fun, it can be an entertaining distraction as much as a learning process. It’s perfect for kids but it I’m also looking forward to my own augmentation of musical understanding with this.“
Thomas Hampson, Concert Baritone and International Educator

How does it work/ How do I get my students involved? – It couldn’t be easier!

All you need to do is send an email to edu@meludia.com with your contact number. We will then set up a call to present Meludia to you and provide advice on the deployment of Meludia

At the end of the call, you will receive:

  • A free trial account
  • A 15-day free trial for you and your students
  • Discount codes for your students
  • Optional Meludia presentation to your colleagues and students
  • Contact for dedicated user support for teachers

Visit Meludia at www.meludia.com

Students enjoying a Meludia Workshop in Naxxar Maria Regina College Middle School, Malta


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