Interview Stephen Henderson – Ruach Cajon Inventor

Today we receive on our blog Stephen Henderson founder of Ruach Music. You don’t know what is a Cajon? We will explain you in the details.

How did you start Ruach?

At the age of 16, after playing a cajon for the first time at my friends house, I wanted to have one but could not afford one. So with £60 to my name I decided to build my very own. From here, I started advertising online custom cajons, as a way of making money whilst still at school, however soon found that many drummers were asking for the same “unique” functions and found a gap in the market – this is when Ruach Music was founded.

What is Ruach?

Ruach Music is a musical instrument manufacturer based in Northern Ireland, we currently specialise in percussion instruments including cajons, stomp boxes, egg shakers etc. Our newest product line is our stompboxes which we have just launched on, go have a look!

What is a Cajon and what do you like in it?

The cajon is a box-shaped, hand percussion instrument that drummers sit on and play mainly the front face (Tapa) with their hands. It is an instrument that has been around for hundreds of years, however over the past 20 years it has become a commercialised instrument. With this commercialisation, there were many cajons on the market which offered the same specification and did not offer the percussionist anything creative or innovative to excite them. This is where our unique internal bass pedal system (internal kick) and 5-way snare lock come into play. We are the only manufacturer to offer these systems, and have a patent pending on the designs.

What are your plans for the future?

The plan for Ruach Music in the upcoming 2-3 years is to establish the brand in key target markets including USA, Japan, Canada, Germany and Australia through selling and marketing in partnership with distribution companies based there. We also are planning on continuing to launch innovative musical instruments to the market, and have plans in place in order to do so. You can follow our progress and be the first to hear about any new products/news on our blog at


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