Interview Philippe Lachaise – Whozic

Meludia - Whozic Interview

It is often pretty hard to find the right musician(s) in your region to play with, especially classical musician. Philippe Lachaise explained us how Whozic aims at solving this. 

What is Whozic?

Whozic is a social network dedicated to classical music. Revolving around music and music-related activities Whozic makes it easy for you to meet the musicians craftspeople or music lovers you will be looking for.
Whozic is targeted at the vast community of music lovers around the world. Professional and amateur players, as well as all the music-related businesses and services. Not forgetting the people musicians are playing for, the public. Whozic federates the classical music ecosystem without geographical or linguistic borders.

How did Whozic start?

Whozic stemmed from its founder’s desire to meet fellow players to make chamber music. No existing website afforded this service so the idea of a gelocation service for musicians rapidly took shape. Early-stage contacts with musicians, amongst whom many professional, showed that there was a definite need for more than finding players next door.
Talking with musicians and meeting them on social networks made it clear that they had been awakening to the merits of networking and that there was a growing need for a federating network dedicated to classical music.

According to you, how can Internet et Whozic in particular help musicians and music professionals?

Musicians keep voicing their regret that they are scattered. Of course they are massively present on general purpose social networks, but music is there diluted among lots of issues unrelated to it. They also miss not having any tool that would help them start and build musical projects as well as promote their talent.
Whozic federates musicians and brings internet tools for them to collaborate on musical projects.

What are your projects regarding Whozic?

Whozic has already defined itself as a global classical music federating force, that includes all music actors, professionals, amateurs, craftspeople, whether they are players or not.
So far Whozic was following this goal by emulating familiar social networks. While striving to maintain ease of use and “how”, Whozic will now shift the emphasis towards “why” to federate musicians: building successful musical projects.
It is a deliberate choice in favor of live music which, from amateur concert to creation of an opera, gathers and activates human and material resources towards making “more music”.

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