Ear of the month – Markus Fleischer

Meludia - Markus Fleischer- ear of the month

Markus Fleischer is a jazz guitarist. He is the fifth best Meludia gamer of all. He gives us his impressions about Meludia and some ear training tips.

What are the dimensions where you perform the best on Meludia?

Being a guitar player I am a little better at Harmony but entering the Expert level everything starts to get pretty difficult. My total score is 68/70.

Meludia - Ear of the month
Markus Fleischer’s scores on each dimension

What’s your favorite exercise?

My favorite exercises are Micro-Melody and The Slightest Move.
Micro Melody is just brilliant! I really like the way more and more notes outside the common major or minor scale are introduced. Steadily your ears and brain have to memorize more notes and recognize more notes that take you away from a key center.
The Slightest Move is a great way to train to hear individual voices within a chord or cluster of notes.

Which is the exercises you find the most difficult?

The most difficult exercises for me are Two-Part/Three-Part Rhythm and The Slightest Move. It’s hard for me to remember all the rhythm hits when the tempo goes up.
In The Slightest Move I have problems when the three notes are played in very high register.

Do you have any tips and tricks for beginner as well as advanced musicians?

I think all musicians – beginners and confirmed ones – should train their ear all live long. It is a sure way to free your creativity and there is always something you can find that you could do better.
On a more practical level working with Meludia I would encourage you to practice in many different ways. For instance when I work with Micro Melody I sometimes do it very slow and repeat and sing every melody until I think I have it but sometimes I try to be very fast and intuitive typing in the melody in real time a spilt second after hearing it. Of course you will make more mistakes this way but you will improve your hearing instincts. You could also first play the melody on your instrument. Experiment.

What do you like (or don’t like) in Meludia?

When you play Meludia it is really obvious that the exercises are created by musicians with a lot of musical insight. Meludia helps to be better on stage not only better at ear training. And it’s a game, It’s fun!
I am looking forward to the rest of the Expert levels being released.