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Meludia - oreille du mois

Etienne Venier, Piano teacher recently graduated, plays Liszt as well as heavy metal. He is the second best Meludia gamer of all. He gives us his impressions, tips and tricks to improve your ear.

What are the dimensions where you perform the best on Meludia?

In all modesty, I’m quite balanced  between melody/harmony/rhythm/forms. Although one can notice a slight drop in rhythm as I have sometimes issues at isolating the sounds in the last two exercises of the expert level.

Meludia Score

What’s your favorite exercise?

My favourite exercise is the micro-melody without a doubt ! Except once where I wasn’t very focused, I succeeded at them the first time I played even the ones from the expert level ! It’s the perfect pitch you develop with time that gives me this confidence every single time. Even if this implies at expert level singing the melody a couple of times in order to memorise it as they get longer.

Which is the exercises you find the most difficult?

The rhythm exercise with 3 voices is one I find to be really difficult even if it can be similar to a micro-melody exercise without notes. One has to sharpen up his ear to find out if one has heard a couple of sounds at the same time. This has proven to get extremely complicated from the advanced level onwards as there are many pulses to be memorized. Even if I keep beatboxing the rhythm, the fact that a couple of sounds are coming in complicates the process.

Do you have any tips and tricks for beginner as well as advanced musicians?

For advanced musicians, the expert level will definitely be of a challenge! They’ll probably discover many areas/skills to improve.

For beginner musicians, Meludia is great as it gives them the possibility to work on sensations at home on top of their music classes. I recommend Meludia for beginners as the room for improvement is really important. You can start from nothing, without a single music lesson ever taken and still succeed at the exercises!

What do you like (or don’t like) in Meludia?

I love the fact that you don’t need background knowledge in music to play Meludia. Consequently, students (That’s my teacher side) don’t have excuses for not doing their homework. They can work as if they were playing a game, without even thinking about the next lesson. The beautiful graphic design and the levels makes Meludia much more appealing than any other computer game based on music notation.

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