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Apprendre la musique autrement

There is a better way to learn music… through sensations and emotions

What if we were to learn music based on our feelings? Where could this lead us? Would music be reserved for a handful of human beings with singular gifts? Perhaps. Are these creative faculties accessible to all of us? That is our belief. The music is already within you Music speaks to everyone. Its essence […]
Music Educator - Meludia

What music educators think about Meludia

Meludia wouldn’t be Meludia without the support of thousands of music educators. Whether they use the platform in famous schools, like The Curtis Music Institute of Music, or in local studios, they are all committed to improving music education, spreading music literacy and sharing the passion for music. Here is what music educators say about Meludia, based on our 2016 Music […]
The musical space

The musical space

  In this video and article, we are going to explain the main elements that make up a musical space.   The human ear has the ability to perceive a vast set of sounds from low-pitch to high-pitch. This soundscape seems almost infinite, but in reality it is composed of only ten octaves. The musical […]
Sound and the Overtone Phenomenon

Sound and the Overtone Phenomenon

  The overtone phenomenon is at the origins of tonal music. Discover why. A musical sound is complex owing, in part, to its richness in harmonics. This perception of harmonics requires a particularly highly developed acuity because such tones are faintly perceptible. We saw that the octave was the first interval created by the overtone phenomenon. […]
Meludia Stable / Instable

Stable / Unstable – Beginner level

The exercises stable/unstable are related to the first step of harmonic interval recognition. It’s the red line of the discovery module that includes 8 stable/unstable branches with a growing difficulty. In this first branch, you will learn how to recognize the most stable interval (the octave) ; the very unstable interval (the major seventh). Train […]

How to start music learning?

Music theory? Instrument practice? Ear training? There’re so many ways to learn music nowadays that it is sometimes hard to know where to start. At Meludia, we are sure of one thing: ear training should be the first step for any musicians. It is pretty risky to start music with music reading because you might […]