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The Faroe Islands To Offer Meludia Access To Their Entire Population

The Faroe Islands has entered into a unique partnership with the French web-based music-learning platform, Meludia. Starting April 9, 2018 access to the Meludia platform will be made available free of charge to every resident and visitor to this remote island nation of 50,000 inhabitants, offering music literacy to the entire population. The Meludia platform […]
Apprendre la musique autrement

There is a better way to learn music… through sensations and emotions

What if we were to learn music based on our feelings? Where could this lead us? Would music be reserved for a handful of human beings with singular gifts? Perhaps. Are these creative faculties accessible to all of us? That is our belief. The music is already within you Music speaks to everyone. Its essence […]

The mirage of the musical score

You practice music and you have already encountered some difficulties: playing an instrument or singing without a score improvising on a theme or composing a piece playing by ear, i.e. replaying on an instrument a melody or chords you heard previously Then this article is for you. Music is not a unique skill Here’s something you […]