4 solutions for making your music known

The 14th of October Meludia was attending the Mama Event in Paris, the yearly convention of the music industry. This was the opportunity for discovering the hottest trends and tools specially dedicated for musicians. We have selected 4 innovative start-ups that help musicians collaborate, distribute and sell their music all around. 

1. Jamshake

You just found out a great melody on your piano or your guitar and you dream of a drummer who could add his groove to it? Go to Jamshake!

Jamshake is a web platform that helps you make music at distance with musicians from all over the world. It allows musicians to meet, exchange and compose together in real time owing to an online sequencer : The JamStudio.

Basically what happens is that you start creating your musical profile with, for example, your favourite music styles, your instrument. Once your profile is completed you can start off your first musical project in the Jamstudio. Even better § you can invite musicains of your network or other talents from the community to join you for your recording. Each of them can add their sonic tracks and change the existing ones (except for the tracks you have locked). You can as well contribute to projects set up by other musicians.

Jamshake is a great way of enriching your musical culture by collaborating with artists from diverse backgrounds and discovering the music « from within » with the possibility to follow up Jam sessions under construction.

–> www.jamshake.com


2. Soundbirth

You’ve just finalized a piece of music with Jamshake and you want to promote it to your fans ? Soundbirth is then made for you.

Soundbirth allows you to create your own smartphone app with all the tools to help you communicate, promote (especially on the social netwoks) and even sell your music or your ticket concerts to your fans.

–> www.soundbirth-app.com

3. Rhythm And Town

Your music is now available all around the web owing to Soundbirth but you still don’t have a video clip.

Rhythm and Town offers you original captions from concerts, TV shows or video clips created with 3D technologies or binaural sound. You’ll definitely make the buzz on YouTube and enrich your artistic world.

–> www.rhythmandtown.com

4. Wiseband

Your first clip is a success : you’ve earned over 100 000 views on YouTube. You’re now a renowned artist et you are thinking of going professional, maybe even to create your own label.

Wiseband offers a number of solutions for distributing your music on the main streaming websites (Spotify, Deezer, Shazam, YouTube), downloading (iTunes, Google Play) and selling it on your website or your facebook page. You’ll find there options for manufacturing your own Cds or vinyls, producing your on merchandisng (t-shirts), printing your flyers and concert posters and many more.

–> www.wiseband.fr

Now you you have all the tools you need to become a great independant artist. Don’t forget that the most important is music. If you lack of inspiration, go to meludia.com. Maybe some fantastic melodies will arise after practising a couple of exercises.

You know of other tools dedicated to musicians? Share them with us in the comments.