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Get the benefit of ten years of traditional music training with one year of Meludia

If you use Meludia four days a week, for only fifteen minutes per day, for one year, you will be able to recognize complex melodies, harmonic intervals and complex rhythms without any difficulty. Normally, to achieve this would take ten years of traditional music training.


The Meludia Method™

Enjoyable and immersive

Use it everywhere and at anytime

More than 600 exercises, from beginner to expert

Meludia Benefits for Beginners

Develop remarkable listening skills

Make instrumental practice easier

Accelerate the learning of solfege

Meludia Benefits for Musicians

Accelerate sight-reading and transcription skills

Gain self-confidence and memory in music

Develop composition and improvisational skills

Use Meludia for fifteen minutes per day, four times per week.
You will see definite results and progress after just two weeks.

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